Hofmeister Brewing Company

Hofmeister Weisse

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Bavarian Wheat Beer  |  ABV 5.1%

Pack size: 1 x 5l mini-keg

Made with mineral water, locally sourced barley, wheat and Hops, 5.1% Hofmeister Weisse pours thick and velvety. Its aroma bursts with ripe banana and vanilla, all backed by a bready, brioche note. Notes of lemon drizzle cake are off-set by a refreshing hint of bitterness - all carried on a rich body that feels like it turns to cream on your tongue.

Genuine Weisse beer, handcrafted by an independent family brewery in the heart of Bavaria. Awarded Gold at the 2020 European Beer Challenge.

Deliciously refreshing, our wheat beer is brewed colder and longer according to the ancient German 1516 Reinheitsgebot purity law.

Vegan and brewed with just four local ingredients - natural mineral water, wheat and barley from local farms in Bavaria and hops grown in the famous Hallertau region.